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Cycling Bear is a development studio that helps companies unlock their true business potential through gamification and elevated user experiences. We leverage modern tools such as AR and VR to bring immersive experiences to your customers.

Experts in the digital tech world


We use Unity, Unreal and more to bring mobile, desktop and console projects to life.

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Get industry expert advice and guidance on game-making and operating a dev team.

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NFT Games

Tailored NFT games and metaverses for your business. Every step, from design to development.

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Our Work

Metasaurs NFT

One of the very first NFT multiplayer first-person shooter games with play-to-earn elements.

We had one month to deliver an MVP version of a multiplayer shooter for Metasaurs holders' community. The players could log in with their NFT and play as the NFT character they own!

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Luck be a Developer

One and only mobile city-building roguelite card game.

Try yourself as a mayor. Build your own city by spinning and combining items. With over 200 items and modifiers, there are endless ways to play. Build factories to unlock new items, expand your city and create a city of your dreams!

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Albert Heijn Foodstars

Changing the way kids look at fruits and vegetables to help them eat healthier.

We had the great opportunity to collaborate with &samhoud creative tech on the Albert Heijn "Foodstars" loyalty campaign. These Foodstars are 3D animated characters that use a gamified approach to persuade kids to eat more fruits and vegetables.

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Foam Splash

Casual puzzle mobile game that we have worked on together with a publisher - WannaPlay.

Take a role of a famous YouTuber and participate in a challenge of mixing cola and mentos. Solve puzzles and practice your aiming skills. Accept the challenge and do your best to create the most amazing cola fountain ever.

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Corbinian Buchberger

Project Strategist @Creative Mules

“Highly driven and adaptive team, they've always been our go-to for technical development. Best of all, they are able to explain the development process in an easy-to-understand language, and they are never out of tips on how to make our projects better.“

Corbinian Buchberger

Project Strategist @Creative Mules
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Founding Team

Ilya Efimov

CEO. Translates technical jargon into clear English

Evgeny Mikhalev

CTO. Will make it work even if it's not supposed to

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